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Five interesting new Android apps for 2014

Smart phones have opened up a whole world of possibilities. Long gone are the days when mobiles were simply used to make calls and send a few texts, these days you can do practically everything on your trusty mobile; from playing games to online shopping, whatever you need there’s likely an app that can help

iOS vs Android

The App Economy [infographic]

In only a few years more and more people are turning to their smartphone when looking for answers, shopping, informations about local services, listening/watching entertainment and more. These apps (mostly for iOS and Android) have built an entire digital economy within the palm of our hands. Source: frugaldad.com

iOS vs Android

Developer Interest In Android Waning? Or HTML5 Hybrid Interest Rising?

A new study conducted by IDC and mobile-developer platform and services company Appcelerator is claiming that developer interest in Google’s Android operating system is falling as they fail to deal with the problem of fragmentation. The study is showing that developers are now less likely to have Android smartphones on their “must develop” lists – […]

Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone Now With Over 40,00 Apps

Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 7 has still yet to make much of a dent into the mobile OS space, but all signals are for that to change with the release of Nokia’s new Lumia smartphones – and user’s now have upwards of 40,000 apps to get on with. Apps seem to be being added to the […]