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Intel: Atom Inside

Intel Increases Investment and Focus on Mobile

Intel’s quarterly report was a mix of positives and negatives, but the most interesting nugget of information to come out was that Intel was finally taking the fight to ARM with heavy investment in mobile with a $13 billion investment in mobile research and development. That figure is up a third on 2012, and demonstrates […]

NVIDIA Tegra 4

CES 2013: NVIDIA Reveals Quad-Core Tegra 4

Yesterday at CES,  NVIDIA finally revealed their Tegra 4 chip, which they claim is the world’s fastest mobile processor. As expected from the various leaks, the Tegra 4 is the first mobile chip that offers the first quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPUs. This quad-core design gives up to twice the performance of dual-core A15 CPUs such as […]


Independence Is Key To Innovation

The last twenty years has seen a huge consolidation of companies across almost all sectors, something which is inherent in the capitalist system within which we all operate as larger companies had the efficiencies of scale with which they could and did either dominate their competition and either take them over or squeeze them out […]


Mobile Devices To Soon Match PC Performance

UK-based chip designer ARM, that has its designs used in most mobile phones and tablet computers amongst other products, has said that they expect to see the processors and graphics capabilities of these devices match those of PCs within a few years. Capabilities such as 1080p high definition displays, 3D graphics, and GPU power have […]

Samsung 2GHz ARM dual-core

Samsung promises 2GHz dual-core processors for 2012 smartphones

Not content with the 1GHz dual-core processors in today’s smartphones, electronics behemoth and chip-maker Samsung has announced that it will be rolling forward with 2GHz dual-core ARM CPUs by 2012. This would bring mobile CPUs up to a similar processing capabilities of regular PCs, but with much more efficient power usage – something Intel will […]