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Microsoft Failing Online

Why Is Microsoft Still US-Centric?

We live in a connected world that becomes smaller by the day as technology and the internet brings everyone closer together. National boundaries mean very little online, and industries that still try and impose geographic restrictions are the ones that are suffering most in this digital revolution. If a film, album, or some software is […]


Why Google Is Really Paying Mozilla $300 Million

There has been a lot of press recently about Google‘s $300 million per year renewal of their deal with Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser amongst other open source software. Google may try and keep to its “do no evil” company line, but it is a business and it would not offer its competition […]


Twitter And Bing Renew Social Search Partnership Over Twitter

Microsoft’s Bing has extended its deal with Twitter for access to its real-time social data – something that will come as no surprise to anybody (even if Google didn’t renew their deal after launching Google+). But what is surprising and a little cutesy is how they announced their little love affair…on Twitter using their @Twitter […]


Carol Bartz Fired from Yahoo!

Carol Bartz is no longer the CEO of Yahoo! according to a report citing sources at the company, and she has confirmed the information with a brief note to company employees – and Yahoo! itself (finally). She was apparently fired over the phone (ouch!) by Yahoo!’s Board Chairman Roy Bostock, whilst they were both flying […]

Microsoft Failing Online

Microsoft Still Failing Online

Microsoft has had a bumper quarter with net income rising 23% to $23.15 billion, but make no mistake where their profits have come from – the old enterprise staples, Windows and Office. The company is still losing money, and a lot of it in their online division. The chart below from Business Insider shows the […]

Baidu + Bing

Baidu Bing! Microsoft’s Bing Providing English Search Results For Baidu

Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, has has partnered up with Bing to provide English language results to its approximately 350 million and growing userbase. The move will give Microsoft’s search engine an entry into the Chinese market that Google has retreated from after a spat with the Chinese government over censorship. Baidu and […]