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Attempt to Modernise Copyright Nulled by DRM Protections

Today, the government published its response to the recent consultations about copyright exceptions, and just generally clarifying and modernising UK copyright laws for the digital age. In it they do address a number of key problems that have arisen in applying our outdated copyright laws to the digital age, but they avoid taking on the […]


Google Wins API Ruling Against Oracle

In what is likely to be a crucial decision in the ongoing legal dispute between Google and Oracle, Judge William Alsup has found that Oracle has no copyright claim regarding Google copying portions of its Java API, in a decision which will give developers much cause for relief, as finding in Oracle’s favour would have […]

The Pirate Bay

Tougher Legislation Hasn’t Affected File Sharing

Ever since the birth of Napster, copyright holders have been successfully lobbying governments around the world to impose tougher legislation on their citizens to prosecute those caught sharing copyrighted movies, music, and software. However, these new pieces of legislation have done little to change people’s behaviour with Lund University’s Cybernorms research project finding that file […]