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iPad Porn

Is It Time To Censor Pornography On The Web?

Ever since the web has been available to the masses there has been pornography of some form available to users within a few clicks – whether that be photographs on old 56k modems to the streaming 720p video of today. Pornography is one of those cases in which the more conservative believe it should be […]


ISPs Giggle At Cameron’s Porn Filter

Prime Minister David Cameron has backed a proposal to censor the web of digital smut in an apparent attempt to protect children from pornography by forcing web users to “opt-in” to seeing X-rated material rather than the current “opt-out” option of installing a web filter. However, the big four ISPs – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and […]

News International

News Corp Hacking Scandal Widens And LulzSec Get Involved

The hacking scandal at the late News Of The World is spreading wider and wider bringing members of the Metropolitan Police, Number 10, and all parts of Murdoch’s News Corporation into the spotlight. As tabloids across the UK are rumoured to be shredding paper at a rapid pace and MPs are accusing other tabloids of […]