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BT And Talk Talk Lose Appeal Over Digital Economy Act

The UK’s two biggest ISPs, BT and Talk Talk, have lost their appeal over the controversial measures forced upon them by the Digital Economy Act against online copyright infringement. The Act, which was forced through parliament at the end of the last Labour government with little discussion over terms that put the commercial interests of […]

Bt To Censor Newzbin After Court Ruling In Favour Of MPA

Newzbin2 Manages to Bypass BT’s Child Porn Filters In 6 Weeks

BT was forced to block access to the newsgroup/file sharing service Newzbin2 only six weeks ago, making the corporation extend the filter previously only used to block child porn. Many, including me, were concerned not that BT were forced to block the site after a court ruling, but that BT were forced to use the […]

Bt To Censor Newzbin After Court Ruling In Favour Of MPA

BT Forced To Censor Newzbin File Sharing Website

In a landmark decision, telecoms giant BT has been forced to censor access to file-sharing website Newzbin after the Motion Picture Association (MPA) called for the blocking with Newzbin providing NZB files used to help users download unauthorised copies of films such as The King’s Speech from Usenet. BT have said they will not appeal […]