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Attempt to Modernise Copyright Nulled by DRM Protections

Today, the government published its response to the recent consultations about copyright exceptions, and just generally clarifying and modernising UK copyright laws for the digital age. In it they do address a number of key problems that have arisen in applying our outdated copyright laws to the digital age, but they avoid taking on the […]

Crysis 2 - Most Downloaded Games 2011

Most Pirated Games 2011

Whilst it is easy to copy and share movies and music, something that goes towards the huge numbers of illegal downloads of such content each year, pirating games is often a lot more involved with cracks or keygens. Games are also platform specific, so will need to be cracked differently for the XBox, PlayStation, or […]

Movie DRM

Technology Firms Creating New DRM For SD Cards

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, and Toshiba are developing a digital rights system (DRM) for SD cards that would allow consumers to transfer HD content from a device like DVR to an SD card to watch on their smartphone or tablet – but not to be able to share that content with a friend. Boo. The […]


DRM vs Sales

There appears to be a belief in the entertainment industry that by putting heavy restrictions on the files paid for by real customers they will reduce piracy and increase sales – a belief that does not appear to have any backing from research into the area. The first branch of the entertainment industry that was […]