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Natanz Nuclear Facility, Iran

Stuxnet And Flame Shared Code/Developers/Origins?

After much speculation, Stuxnet was recently revealed as having been developed in a joint operation between the US and Israel in order to slow Iran’s progress in enriching development by sabotaging their centrifuges. Flame is another cyber-attack against Iran, but with an aim to investigate the technology infrastructure they have in place rather than sabotage […]


Iran May Ban Samsung Products After Israeli TV Ad

Iran has said that they may ban the import of some Samsung products to the country and end political ties with South Korea entirely over an ad produced by an Israeli television company used to promote an offer for Samsung tablets to their subscribers. The ad, made for TV company, Hot, depicts bumbling characters from […]


Iranian Court Sentences Programmer To Death

The Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the lower Revolutionary Court’s decision to sentence Saeed Malekpour, the 35 year old developer of some photo-uploading software, to death due to that software being used by porn and other “immoral” websites and services. Having anything to do with pornography is “insulting and desecrating [to] Islam” according to the […]


Iran Building Its Own Internet And Operating System For Easier Censorship

Iran looks to be trying to cement its place at the top of the censorship league-tables with an announcement that they plan to release their own operating system to rival Windows/OSX/Ubuntu/Android/etc and have their own private “internet”. Iran is promoting this as a cost-saving measure and a way to uphold an Islamic moral code, but […]