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Why Everyone Is Misunderstanding Spotify

Spotify was once the white night of the music industry – it offered the labels a way to turn people away from piracy and towards a centralised system that they can better control, and for consumers it offered easy access to millions of songs at the touch of a button. And all with a very […]


DRM vs Sales

There appears to be a belief in the entertainment industry that by putting heavy restrictions on the files paid for by real customers they will reduce piracy and increase sales – a belief that does not appear to have any backing from research into the area. The first branch of the entertainment industry that was […]

Nielsen SoundScan

Album Sales Increased in the US For First Time Since 2004

As a general trend album sales have been in freefall since 1999 and have generally been considered one of the first casualties of the internet since Napster made music free and easy to share a decade ago. However, according to Nielsen SoundScan 155.5 million albums were sold in the US in the first six months of […]

Soundcloud + Flattr

SoundCloud + Flattr = Pay What You Want For Music

I have been a long time supporter of SoundCloud, using them for about 90% of the streams over on on sister blog The Blue Walrus, but the recent Flattr announcement adds something completely new to the mix – money. SoundCloud has grown massively since its founding in 2007, with it now the go-to place for […]