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Did News Corp/Sky Hack Its Way To Pay TV Supremacy?

Sky is the UK’s biggest pay TV operator by a large margin with millions of subscribers. It is a very profitable business with many customers subscription charges over £30 per month, and a business that Murdoch’s News Corp has been attempting to acquire the remaining stake in for the last few months, as Murdoch’s newspapers […]

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch (Or His PR Team) Joins Twitter

News International looks to be trying to move on past their annus horribilis that was 2011, with the latest move being that the ageing media mogul himself, Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter. His introduction to the twittersphere was announced by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who said Murdoch was on Twitter “with his own voice, in […]

The Sun

Readers Of The Sun Get Personal Details Hacked

The Sun has suffered further data breaches after the hacks by LulzSec/Anonymous ten days ago, but this time from an unrelated hacker. The details posted in various places online contain personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses according to a story by ComputerWorld UK. The Hacker, known as Batteye, also claims […]

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Murdoch Leaks Project Incoming?

The scandal surrounding the Murdoch Empire, and especially its UK arm News International, continues to run apace with the emergence of what appears to be a WikiLeaks-esque site dedicated to showcasing leaks on the subject in MurdochLeaks. The site and associated Twitter account are blank as of now, and the domain registration is privacy-hidden, but […]

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News Corp Hacking Scandal Widens And LulzSec Get Involved

The hacking scandal at the late News Of The World is spreading wider and wider bringing members of the Metropolitan Police, Number 10, and all parts of Murdoch’s News Corporation into the spotlight. As tabloids across the UK are rumoured to be shredding paper at a rapid pace and MPs are accusing other tabloids of […]

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News International vs Social Media

For the last week the media and public has been abuzz with the ongoing saga about the phone hacking scandal that has caught the public’s attention and got a weekly newspaper, that sold about three million copies each week, closed down. For a public jaded with celebrity news, the phone hacking scandal that was previously […]