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Sony tablets S and P available for pre-order

Powerful New Sony Device On The Way?

There have been no announcements from Sony, but since freeing themselves of the shackles of Ericsson, the Japanese giant is looking to compete with Apple and Samsung in a big way. The latest addition to their Xperia line of smartphones, the Xperia S, has impressed across the board (ignoring the temporary problem of Android, which […]


ASUS Eee Pad MEMO 7″ Tablet Featuring Tegra 3 CPU For $249

Whilst Android tablets have in general not sold particularly well in 2011, this was as much to do with price as it was a fragmented Android. The non-Apple tablets that did sell well in 2011 were the HP TouchPad during its Firesale that brought the tablet down to £79, and the Amazon Kindle Fire that […]


Lenovo Announces IdeaTab S2 Tablet Hybrid

Asus are not the only technology firm creating tablet hybrids that work beautifully and independently as Android tablets, but also come with a keyboard shell that offers more connections and battery life – Lenovo are stepping up their game with the IdeaTab S2. Lenovo have just announced this second iteration of their IdeaTab range at […]

HTC Flyer

[DEAL] HTC Flyer 7″ Tablet For £199

Tablet prices look to be coming down for 2012, with the BalckBerry Playbook already having been dropped to £169, and now the Android running 7″ HTC Flyer is being sold at £199. The HTC Flyer is packing a rapid 1.5 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, a 7″ capacitive display, WiFi, a 5MP back camera […]


[DEAL] BlackBerry PlayBook 7″ Tablet For £169

For those still looking for a present for their gadget-loving family member – Currys, Dixons, and PC World look to be offering the BlackBerry PlayBook 7″ tablet at a steal for £169. It may not quite be the £89 TouchPad firesale, but it is pretty close – with the PlayBook retailing at £499 just a […]

Will Microsoft Buy Nokia?

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Windows Phone 7 is a rather good mobile OS, and and the Nokia Lumia 800 running it is a desirable device – a positive result for both companies. However, the rumours that Microsoft may out and out buy the Finish mobile phone company refuse […]


HP Makes Awkward Return To Tablet Market With Slate 2

Only a few months ago HP CEO Léo Apotheker signalled the end of HP’s role in the tablet market only a couple of months of the TouchPad on sale. Their u-turn under Meg Whitman seems to be continuing, however, as the company have announced the HP Slate 2 – an 8.9″ tablet running Windows 7. […]