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Why Everyone Is Misunderstanding Spotify

Spotify was once the white night of the music industry – it offered the labels a way to turn people away from piracy and towards a centralised system that they can better control, and for consumers it offered easy access to millions of songs at the touch of a button. And all with a very […]

Kill Bill

Miramax Movies Coming To Facebook

Following in the footsteps of Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Universal, Miramax is now launching its own film rental service through Facebook. This is the first time a number of Miramax films will have ever been legally available digitally and online. US users of the Miramax eXperience will have access to 20 films, whilst those from […]

Virgin Music

Virgin Media Partners With Spotify for Virgin Music

Spotify seem to be getting partnerships from all corners as they gear up for their US launch, with the latest seemingly coming from Virgin Media which announced its intention to enter the digital music marketplace two years ago. Virgin had an agreement with Universal to offer “an unlimited music download subscription service” backing in 2009, […]