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Microsoft Flip-flopping Adding To Nokia’s Woes

Nokia has had a pretty woeful last 12 months, there’s no getting around that fact. Ever since they announced the move from their own open source Symbian platform to Microsoft’s Windows Phone as their smartphone OS their share price has been in free fall. This is certainly not all Microsoft’s fault, but both companies need […]

Will Microsoft Buy Nokia?

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Windows Phone 7 is a rather good mobile OS, and and the Nokia Lumia 800 running it is a desirable device – a positive result for both companies. However, the rumours that Microsoft may out and out buy the Finish mobile phone company refuse […]


WebOS Goes Open Source

WebOS, the mobile operating system with a social heart that was developed by Palm in 2008/9 and then brought under the vast shadow of HP in 2010 is going open source. This will come as a welcome surprise for those that have supported the OS over the years as well as those that have recently […]

iOS vs Android

Are People Really Switching Platforms To The iPhone 4S?

People are switching mobile platforms to get in on some of the new iPhone 4S goodness according to an informal poll by Reuters – but how far is their conclusion accurate? The iPhone 4S is the latest mobile wonderphone, with people excited about upgrading across the globe – but is it enough to make the […]

Microsoft vs Android

Samsung To Pay Microsoft Royalties On Its Android Devices

Following the example set by HTC and Acer, Samsung has signed a cross-licensing deal with Microsoft which will result in the South Korean giant paying MS a royalty fee for each Android device they sell in order to protect themselves from any future patent lawsuits. Samsung also produces some of the best WP7 smartphones and […]


Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Microsoft has begun rolling out the latest incarnation of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system known as WP7.5 or Mango and with it a slew of more than 500 useful upgrades and additions in total with Windows Phone users receiving the upgrade OTA (over the air). One of the major upgrades us to the […]