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Yahoo Shuts Down AltaVista

As Yahoo continues to “sunset” a number of its web properties it is really an end of an era for those of us that have been on the web since the time before Google.


The New Yahoo Is Starting to Take Shape

When Marissa Mayer took over control of Yahoo, the company was in trouble. They may have been one of the internet 1.0 pioneers, but they missed out on search, were left behind on email, and earned themselves a very bad reputation for dropping the ball with startups they take over. Now things are starting to look very different.


Clouds Are Not So Clean

More and more of our digital activities are being moved to the cloud – from storing our files with DropBox, looking at photos on Facebook, to video watching on YouTube, and music listening on SoundCloud – we are starting to rely on the cloud for our daily lives. The word “cloud” may evoke ideas of […]


Flickr Turns To Aviary For Photo Editing

Flickr, the social photos service that was bought by Yahoo! back in 2005 is moving away from Piknik as its integrated image editing services and moving to Aviary. The move comes a couple of months after Google announced the closing of the independent Piknik product as the team behind it have become fully integrated into […]

Radical Restructuring At Yahoo! But Will It Save The Internet Dinosaur?

Yahoo! have announced that they are going to cut 14% of its workforce, about 2,000 people, in what will be the biggest restructuring in the company’s history – but the question remains as to what direction the newly slimlined company should take. It still has a huge number of pageviews across its various properties – […]


Patents Should Not Be Offensive Weapons

The world is finally starting to wake up to the situation that we’re living in where patents are being bought and sold en masse by huge technology companies for the single reason of either blocking the progress of their competitors (hello Apple and Microsoft), or to score some cash from a competitor with a lot […]


Original TV Shows And Movies Moving To Digital First?

There is no doubt that the internet is the future of TV and film, as more and more people make use of digital catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and 4OD, as well as subscription services like Netflix and Lovefilm – but at the moment all these films and TV programmes are first shown either in […]

Microsoft Yahoo!

Microsoft Considering Fresh Bid For Yahoo

The rumour mill has started turning around Yahoo once after Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba (the global commerce powerhouse 40% owned by Yahoo) stated his interest in acquiring the internet dinosaur outright a couple of days ago. Now it seems Microsoft are reconsidering a bid for the embattled web portal after being rebuffed back […]


AOL + Yahoo = One Big Dying Mess

The recent firing of Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has left the internet dinosaur rudderless and looking for a buyer, and there are rumours that they now might be tying up with that other internet dinosaur AOL. The deal may look promising on paper as the two companies can reduce their combined workforce whilst joining together […]