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10 solar-powered gadgets worth exploring in 2019

Are you trying to cut down on your carbon footprint? Then these cool solar powered gadgets should help reduce your waste!

Whether you’re trying to cut down on your carbon footprint or are just spending a lot of time away from electrical outlets, solar powered gadgets are great devices to have on your side. Terrific for camping, hiking, days at the beach, and more, they can get you through some pretty tight spots.

Are you interested in buying some solar power gadgets this year? Wondering what’s available to you? These are the 10 coolest solar gadgets worth buying in 2019!

Solar-powered gadgets

Solar gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent each and every year. To put it simply, the market has quite a few options for you to choose from. However, the following 10 options reign supreme over the others.

1. MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Lantern

If you’re an avid camper or backpacker, you’ll love this inflatable solar lantern from MPOWERD. Available for a very reasonable price, this little device can be folded in and out to conserve as much space as possible. This makes it exceedingly easy to carry along with you on your travels.

Providing up to 12 hours of light on a single 7-hour charge, it’s not only extremely durable but waterproof as well. Simply expose it to sunlight throughout the day, and let its 10 LED lights provide you with illumination throughout the night.

2. Titan Solar Generator

The fact of the matter is that solar energy is best for emergencies. After all, if you’re out in the middle of the woods, you aren’t going to have electrical outlets or a can of gasoline in your back pocket.

What you could have with you, however, is a solar powered generator. While there are plenty of suitable solar generators on the market today, arguably the best is this one from Titan.

Durable, powerful, and equipped with a series of different outlets, it can accommodate most electrical devices. Not only does it power phone and tablet chargers, but laptop chargers, power tools, lanterns, and more.

3. Advanced Elements Solar Shower

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a week-long hike? Maybe you’re on the third day of a 4-day camping music festival? In any case, you’re in desperate need of a shower.

Unfortunately, all that you have with you is some lukewarm water. It wouldn’t be this way if you had invested in a solar shower.

Fortunately, you can get ready for your next outdoor adventure by purchasing the Advanced Elements Solar Shower. Holding three gallons of water at once, it’s heated with the use of an attached solar panel.

4. Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Charger

More and more solar backpacks are hitting the proverbial shelves every year. While there are plenty of great options available, one of the best options is this one from Voltaic Systems.

Big and durable, it can hold a good deal of supplies at one time, including laptops and tablets. Equipped with a large solar panel, it can fully charge phones, tablets, and cameras in around three and a half hours.

5. Primal Camp Solar Powered Flashlight

When you’re camping or hiking, it’s always good to bring a flashlight along with you. After all, it can get pretty difficult to see after night has fallen in the wilderness.

If you’re looking for a good flashlight to bring along with you, you might consider getting a solar powered one. A solid solar powered option would be this one from Primal Camp. Large, rugged, and durable, it can withstand all types of wear and tear.

Possessing both solar panels and a hand crank, it’s extremely easy to keep charged.

6. SOLSOL Phone Charging Hat

Wouldn’t it be great to have a solar source without having to carry anything around? Well, with this solar phone charging hat from SOLSOL, you can.

Equipped with a solar panel on its bill, this hat simultaneously absorbs and supplies energy, making use of an attached wire in order to do so. It’s compatible with all types of phones as well as with GoPros and other miscellaneous devices.

7. Eton Solar Powered Speaker

Whether you’re looking to blast some music while doing some yard work or play some tunes while you’re sitting around the campfire, this solar-powered speaker from Eton could be of use to you.

Durable and water-resistant, it provides at least 8 hours of playtime on a full charge. While there are other solar speakers available as well as a litany of Bluetooth speakers, this one from Eton is toward the top of the totem pole.

8. Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard

This solar power keyboard from Logitech is great for those who are trying to be environmentally friendly. Powered by all types of light, from sunlight to artificial light and everything in between, this keyboard is long-lasting and effective.

Compatible with Windows operating systems exclusively, it’s lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to transport.

9. BurningSun Solar Powered Bike Light

Are you an avid biker? If so, you should consider equipping your bike with solar-powered bike lights. The sun will charge these lights throughout the day, and allow them to shine brightly all throughout the night.

One of the best solar bike light sets on the market today is this one from BurningSun. Affordably priced, it comes with both headlights and tail lights. These lights can be made to blink, to flash, to remain bright, and to go dim.

10. FosPower Solar Powered Radio

One last terrific solar powered gadget is this solar radio from FosPower. Powered by both sunlight and by a hand cranking mechanism, it’s terrific for camping trips, fishing trips, hikes, and the like.

Not only does this radio capture and play both AM and FM radio signals, but it also acts as a flashlight. Plus, it’s equipped with USB ports, enabling it to charge phones, GoPros, and tablets. Well-constructed and durable, it can take all of the wear and tear characteristic of a day spent outdoors.

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