There are 6 billion active mobile phones in the world

Mobile phones are now one of the most used products in the world with roughly 6 billion active phones on the market today. As the technology advances in its progressive manner, many more mobile phones are being produced at a faster rate and with new features. Cell phones these days are now using different operating systems such as Android, IOS and Windows. Android cell phones constitute a large piece of the pie on. A total number cell phones produced in the world use Android compared to windows phones and IOS. A highly expected Android powered mobile phone to be released in 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of Samsung cell phones expected to be released in 2017 according to reports issued by the South Korean tech giant. This cell phone is supposed to have new eye catching designs and catchy features. The screen is expected to be approximately 5.8-inches in size with a high infinity display resolution. It is most likely that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the first smart phones with a pixel-dense 4K screen if the speculations are true. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 weighs 155g with dimension of 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm. This cell phone uses Android 7 operating system. It has 12 mega pixels of rear camera and 8 mega pixels of front camera. One of its main competitors this year is iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 7 plus is still a dominant force in the cell phone market. This is due to its unique features such as advanced new camera systems. The phone has better performance and the battery life is longer than the previous model. As mentioned above the phone is compatible with casino games and you can learn more at It also has brightest and most colourful iPhone display ever as well as being water resistant. Another unique feature on this cell phone is the 3D touch which makes the iPhone respond to soft touches.

Photograph by KaboomPics