Apple iPhone X

Apple in 2019 – Time to trade in your old Apple iPhone?

The next generations of iPhones are still in development. However, this has not stopped endless rumors about what to expect from the next generation of iPhones. The phones have been dubbed the iPhone XI. It is expected that Apple will launch three phones around September. These phones will include the successful phones of the XS and the XS Max generation. There might even be a sequel for the iPhone XR.

What to expect

The next generation of phones is expected to feature a triple camera layout. They will also be the first phones to feature the iOS 13, which will bring a system-wide dark mode for all iDevices. The exact data for the next release has not been revealed yet. However, it is expected to be around September 10, based on past events. Pre-orders will most likely start on September 11. Thus if you are planning to trade-in your current phone for an amazing XI phone, you will want to time it carefully. In general you get a better deal if you sell your iPhone a few weeks before the next phone comes out. Its value will significantly decrease if you cut it too close.


XI will not be cheap based on the price of the latest Apple phones. However, it is unclear what the phone will go for. It is likely that prices will hover around the £1000 mark. For the lower-spec models apple phones, the price could be around £800. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

What is being predicted?

Online rumor mills claim that the next generation of Apple phones will feature an OLED display. These phones will also feature the USB-C and probably a triple lens system. It is expected that the next phones will also be a bit heftier than current phones to accommodate all the new gadgets to be fitted on the phone. There might also be reverse wireless charging, which will enable the phones to charge other Apple devices using a charging Case. However, not many updates are expected to the chip.

Rumours suggest that the reverse wireless charging will work much like the Samsung Galaxy 10. Devices like the AirPods with a wireless charging case can be charged using these phones. The battery capacity is expected to be quite huge. It could pack as much as 25 percent more charge. The XR will also see its battery capacity increase by about 5 percent. An additional sensor has been seen on the phones but its function is not known.

Apple iOS

iOS 13 is due for release

Most of the features planned for iOS12 were moved into iOS 13 to focus on better performance and bug fixes. It is expected the features rumoured to appear in iOS 12 to appear in iOS 13. The iOS 13 will come with features that are aimed at users of the iPad. For instance, the file app has been revamped. There are also in-app tabs that will open multiple windows of a single app. There might also be support for using the same app in side-by-side via split view. It is also expected that business users of the device will get new features. There will also be better photo management as well as a revamped home screen app grid for the phones and the iPad.

Is it time to trade in?

It might be time to start hunting for a good deal even if you wish to wait a few more months before you trade in. It will ensure that when the time comes, you will not get a raw deal.

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