Bloggers are key to real tech reviews

In a world awash with new technology, it is more difficult than ever to work out the best gadget for your needs. Most people do not understand the spec sheets given by many tech magazines, and want a more relatable review – and that is where tech bloggers come in.

If you are a geek looking to find the best Android tablet under £250 then you might turn to TrustedReviews or ExpertReviews for their in-depth coverage of every single elements from chipsets to screens resolution. For those interested in the subject, but doesn’t want to spend days of research then they might turn to a website like the New York Times’ The Wirecutter to get a solid overview all in one place.

However, most people just want to know how the device looks and works in the real-world, and that is why bloggers and YouTubers are an increasingly influential group. They are not just reviewers, they are personalities and real three-dimensional people that give reviews that real people understand. It is much easier for Joe Blogs to watch a series of YouTube vlogs or blog pieces from the same person to see real reviews from real people.

Sadly, some bloggers are offering “payola” or paid reviews where the star rating depends more on the money changing hands than the quality of the product. These fake reviews have been a problem on Amazon for a while, but it is also a problem on the wider web, and there have even been accusations of the same practice at some well-known magazines.

Nonetheless, most bloggers understand, what PR professional Nancy Behrman describes as the “importance of remaining true to your own personal convictions” – and this means honest and open reviews of new products.

Real partnerships does not mean cash for good reviews, it means working with brands to give an honest overview of their products both good and bad to give consumers the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the products they buy – whether that is a smartphone or a mattress.

As Nancy Behrman makes clear, brand building means innovation and that means companies should embrace bloggers for partnerships that work successfully for both parties – letting bloggers share their knowledge with their followers and offering brands an avenue to have their products in front of a wider audience.

Photograph by KaboomPics