Capturing instructional videos form a computer screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Do you want to record an instructional video that guides people through the steps that they need to take to perform a certain task on their computer, or use a particular software? If so there is really no better way to do it than by recording the footage that you need directly from your screen.

Undoubtedly you’ve seen countless other instructional tutorials and video guides that have been created in this fashion, and if you want to do the same you’ll need a screen recorder. If you’re looking for one that is going to let you record your screen easily and yet will give you full control over the recording and tons of other features to boot then Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be your best bet.

Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can create training videos, tutorials, and video guides in no time. To get started and begin recording all you need to do is launch the software and select ‘Record screen’ in the main window. Once you do you can then define the area of your screen that you want to record by drawing a frame with the mouse cursor, or selecting a program window by clicking on it.

After you’ve defined the capture area, the recording interface will appear. It contains all the options you need to set up your recording, including a list of preset sizes that you can use to adjust the capture area further. More importantly the interface will also have icons for the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ that you can toggle in order to determine the audio sources. Considering most tutorials have a voice-over of some kind, it may be a good idea to record audio from both the speakers and your microphone.

The rest should be fairly self-explanatory and you can start and control the recording with the on-screen controls or hotkeys. Within Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s capture settings you can even set a timer or schedule the recording to start and stop automatically.

When you’ve finished recording the footage that you need for your instructional video, you can save it or open it in Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor. The latter is useful when you’re creating training videos, as you can then trim out unwanted segments, merge clips together, add background music, insert captions, apply special effects, or improve the quality of the video.

As you can see Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you record footage from your screen to create instructional videos – and give you the tools to edit it and make it look good too. In a nutshell you should have everything you need – regardless of whether you want to create a quick video to help a friend or produce high quality and professional-looking content to share online.

Photograph by Pexels