How the digital boom created the perfect environment for start-ups

The rise of the digital age has brought about many innovative changes to modern life and the fast pace of this technological revolution will continue to impact the present and our future.

Thanks to the digitisation of many services, markets have become more open while even new industries have also been created.

This digital boom has brought about the development of new devices and software that has resulted in game-changing innovations such as On-demand taxis, smartphones and the software they run on.  The simplification of the process for new creators to reach their target markets has thus created the perfect environment for enterprising start-ups to flourish.

The digital revolution democratises markets

As mentioned in the introduction above, the digital boom brought about the creation of new industries. One such new sector that is currently booming is the online gaming and gambling industry, with new user numbers continuing to rise exponentially in recent years. Gaming has reached a new audience with such that sites like having seen massive user uptake.

Casino, Bingo and gambling in general is only one of the many industries that owe their existence to the digital boom having been in a period of steady decline beforehand. The switch to digital has allowed them to expand their reach and rejuvenate their once tired and outdated branding and practices.

The biggest reason why the digital boom has brought about such profound change to our way of life is thanks to fast innovation in terms of both hardware and software in tech. The most important of which is perhaps always-connected devices such as smartphones and apps that provide an ecosystem of everything from services and employment to entertainment and much more. This perfect mix has created a digital revolution that has democratised the markets by creating a level playing field for those who wish to go into business or create something. Whether it’s an online crafts shop or an innovative app like UBER, anyone with an idea can get it off the ground.

Availability of new software opens up new industries

There have been many exciting start-ups that have come up with innovative products in recent years, making tech the number one subject of interest for many people. The arrival of amazing gadgets has helped increase online consumption of content and services. Hardware requirements bring about the availability of new software which has opened up new industries such as the affiliate gambling industry, and a healthy ecosystem of gaming and service apps.

With large numbers of new players and existing now able to access their favourite sites on mobile, competition has meant that service providers have to be innovative to survive. The affiliate gambling industry is one example in addition to a focus in the industry on mobile-optimised websites, generous bonuses, as well as varied and engaging content.

Whether you’re hailing a cab through an app, communicating with loved ones, or passing the time with a bit of casual gaming, there is no doubt that the digital boom will continue to change and impact life as we know it. Innovation also happens quickly in technology which means that we will see regular changes at a fast rate and both consumers and start-ups will continue to benefit.

Photograph by Alok Sharma