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Esports: a new avenue for entertainment and revenue generation

Computer gaming has now became a professional and organized industry in the form of E-sports. E-sports stands for electronic sports and just like real life tournaments E-sports matches have become highly popular. They are attracting millions of gamers, sports fans, and companies in a big arenas which play to watch the action online. At E-sports world-level tournaments, the computer gamers battle against each other on a specific game and their fans gather to watch them at home on TV screens.

According to Newzoo, a computer game research company, betting on E-sports has generated a revenue of $327 million in the year of 2016 just from advertising, ticket sales, media rights, and merchandising. By 2020 it’s  estimated by one market research company, that sports betting sites can earn approx $1.8 billion as revenue just from E-Sports. E-sports has became equal with real life matches in terms of fan following, viewership, and level of interest in the contestants. Thus, the number of online betting sites has increased tremendously and many people are shifting from traditional real life, sports betting to a virtual one which can be done from the convenience of their home.

Virtual match betting has become hugely popular because there is a growing admiration for the games like Football Manager, Fifa, and many other exciting fantasy online tournaments. Fans can place their wagers on the outcome of their chosen team whether it is hockey, baseball, horse racing, or football by considering the odds offered, player’s portfolios on the betting sites, etc. Many virtual betting companies are offering high-definition graphics and virtual sports are modeled on realistic pitches and stadiums so that fans can feel that they are actually sitting in the stadium. The other most important factor which attracts people more towards virtual sports betting than a traditional one is the prices charged by the bookmakers. The online betting sites overheads are much lower when compared to traditional sports one. Commission’s calculations are more complex and fair in the online betting business.

The virtual match betting wins hands down when the ranges of all bets are considered. You can place your bet even when the match started in online E-Sports, which is not possible in traditional real life matches. The consumer can place multiple bets at the same time on virtual betting fantasy sports sites which will be quite difficult to manage in real life matches.

People got more involved in computer gaming during the year 2000 when the prices of computer systems got down and speed of internet risen up. Even though while playing video game there is no physical activity involved but at present, these video games have taken a completely new form and players go through hard training to make themselves mentally strong and alert for performing multi-tasks and quick decision-making(reflexes and reactions) while playing computer games.

Photograph by Jakob Wells