Ideas for your continued education

Learning something and actually mastering it takes a lot of time and effort, there’s no question about it. So when you have made a decision to study something new, it should not be just because ‘they say learning is good for you but because of just this one reason – for whatever reason YOU actually want to learn it. Human beings are egoists, I’m saying it as a positive thing. We’re all there to help ourselves – even Mother Theresa was there to help herself – she just made herself feel better by helping others. So whatever you study, it should be for yourself – not for your mum, not for your dad, not for anyone else.

But if you have decided to start learning something, what are some of the best options to choose from in 2019?

Anything to do with computers and technology

It’s a VERY wide field, so you’ll need to see yourself if something in here interests you and if it does, what – electronics, programming, robotic, security, AI, software, websites – there are options. More than you could imagine. You need to study to create new technology, you need to learn to be able to use existing technology.


While at first glance it might sound like a very narrow field for some, in reality pretty much everything is related to maths in some way. Even if you click here for the best soccer betting picks, the guy who made those picks, the guy who set the odds, the guy who built the software for the betting site, even the guy who’s betting on the site, they all need to be good in maths.


In a sense it’s related to the first two ideas, but it’s more about monetising what you do, monetising your hobbies, marketing yourself and your business, negotiating the best possible deals with your vendors, setting prices that your potential customers would like, branding your company so that people would remember it and in a good way.

Real jobs

I’m well aware that the term ‘real jobs’ might annoy the hell out of some people, but at the same time I think you understand what I mean. Especially the older generation for whom real job was doing something with your hands like digging a ditch or cutting trees, or doing electrical work or being a painter or…all of these things are still important today. So if you’re interested in becoming a pro in any of them, why not go ahead and dig in.

These are just a few ideas I feel might be something many of you might enjoy doing. Yes, you might want to become a singer or an actor or…but, well, yes, they are obviously options too, but if you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already crossed the average age limit in these industries.

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