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How to launch secure web applications without being a security expert

Launching a web application is not just about completing the development of the web app and making it available for use. Aside from ensuring that your app works fluently and is free from bugs, it is also important to ensure that it is secure now and in the future. You certainly wouldn’t want any service outage at any unexpected point as this could mean loss of income and a damaged reputation. Likewise, you wouldn’t want these web apps to be exploited by online hackers.

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Using technology to secure business data

Thieves in movies and crime shows depicting life before the Internet are usually seen rummaging through file cabinets and drawers for a particular folder which usually contains the information that could destroy a person, or bring a company down on its knees. That folder is stamped with “CONFIDENTIAL” and you know that if it’s in the wrong hands, there could be big trouble.