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Successfully converting site visitors to customers

So you’ve finally got your business site up and running and have optimized it for both desktop and mobile users. Even though you might have plenty of visitors thanks to a professional eCommerce website design experts, you haven’t been quite so successful when it comes to making a sale. Before resorting to another strategy that may or may not work, learn how to effectively boost your chances of encouraging site visitors to become loyal customers who depend on you to take care of their needs.

Use live chat to your advantage

Remember that because your site is online, visitors don’t have quick and easy access to employers who can answer their questions and point them in the right direction like they do with brick-and-mortar locations. This means they’re likely to take their business elsewhere if they don’t have someone to turn to with any questions they have. For this reason, you want to make sure you have live chat on your site to provide visitors with quick answers and make it easier for them to want to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Something else for you to consider is the fact that live chat is cost-efficient.

Add case studies

If you’ve done any case studies in the past for your business, be sure to share them on your site. Just like patients want to know the physician they’re entrusting their health to has the proper education and experience, the same is true when it comes to consumers entrusting their time and money to your business. Let site visitors know what makes you so well-qualified to sell your products or services and why they should spend money on those products or services.

Ask for testimonials and reviews

You likely already have loyal customers. If so, encourage them to write reviews and testimonials for your products or reviews to give site visitors an idea of what they can expect should they decide to purchase something from you. While a quick review testimonial gives visitors an equally quick snapshot of your business, see if any of your customers would be willing to write a more in-depth review that makes it easy to see what your services or products can do for them. Once you have a good amount of testimonials and reviews, scatter them around your site for maximum impact and for visitors to have something to think about while shopping.

Speed up your page loading times

These days, consumers are used to blazing fast internet speeds, and their shortened attention spans most definitely show that. To keep potential customers from running to your competitors when it takes your site pages forever and a day to load, take steps to make your loading times as fast as possible. Websites that convert focus on the best website performance, which you have an easier time of achieving when you have what’s known as a content delivery network.

Offer something for free

When fishing, you’ve got to have the right bait to draw the attention of fish, and the same principle applies when it comes to turning visitors into customers. Offer something for free on your business site, which is a top-selling point if you have a subscription service. If you do decide to offer something for free, it’s better that you not require users to enter their credit card information to sign up, mainly because having to hand over this information to test out your service might be a bit more than they’re willing to commit. That being said, you can still try your luck with having site visitors enter their credit card information for a free trial and send them a reminder to cancel their subscription before the end of the free trial period.

Make your content engaging

Take a look at the content you currently have up on your site. Now ask yourself if anyone would want to actually read and interact with that content. Dry, boring content is sure to send visitors scrambling for the back arrow, so make sure your site implements video, data, images and presentations for a well-rounded approach. You might also want to think about asking visitors and customers for their comments on your content, which is a great way to get a conversation started, which could be an equally great way to convert even more site visitors to customers. Never discount any possibility.

Be sure to use these tips to better convert any visitors your site receives. Doing so is much easier when you’re pointed in the right direction and know how to get to your final destination with ease.

Photograph by Fancycrave1