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Technology’s role in the world of business

Every year there seems to be more and more technology having a greater impact on the world of business. Whether you are a small startup looking to engage with potential customers via social media, or a large investment firm using automated trading software there are opportunities out there for you to utilise tech in your business. Here are going to look at some of those tech tools and how they might be beneficial to you.

Digital marketing

One of the most common uses of technology in the past decade has been the transition from traditional media marketing to digital platforms. By making the most of things like search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and web advertising, companies are building up a greater reputation online to boost profits.

One of the joys of using technology to assist your business in advertising is that it can often come at a much lower cost than older forms of marketing. SEO, for example, doesn’t have to cost you anything unless you want to use a firm that specialises in this field. But you aren’t looking to buy space in a newspaper, on a website, or through other media. Instead you are just preparing your website to feature in the unpaid results on various search engines like Google. To do this you will be looking to use basic features like keywords, ensuring you have high-quality content, and by improving your online reputation through backlinking.

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to make technology work for you and isn’t limited to SEO. Social media has given customers and businesses a way to have greater communication than ever before, which has led to some PR disasters but also allowed companies to improve their service in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Office meeting


Using technology to help your business doesn’t just have to be about growth and reaching out to the internet. There are several applications that have been designed to support your company and workforce as it attempts to increase efficiency. One of the top secrets to running a business is that no one wants to work longer and harder than they need to, and that is where using apps to help people work smarter come in helpful.

If you are running a team that works on projects together, rather than holding lots of meetings and discussions about what to do, you should be using apps like Asana to help you distribute tasks and manage the product digitally. This type of software is helping businesses in every industry reduce wasted time, improve productivity and create a better work to life balance. Your team will be grateful for the opportunity to start work without endless discussions about what to do, and the way you hold meetings can be adjusted too. Apps like Skype mean you can give your team breathing room to work from home or in different parts of the office, but bring them together without worrying too much about scheduling conflicts.

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