Updates Curation Platform And Advisory Team has long been utilized by those in the social media world to create personalised online newspapers by automatically pulling in the top stories from a user’s Twitter or Facebook account, and displaying it in a more traditional online newspaper format for easy consumption (see ours here).

Their latest upgrade brings in easier tools for curating the content in these personalised newspapers by adding, removing, or repositioning specific articles – giving users greater editorial control. This gives curators/publishers greater control of the newspaper hopefully resulting in people sharing them more widely with other social users or others in their industry. have also brought ex-Huffington Post CEO and venture capitalist Eric Hippeau on board to be an advisor alongside Guy Kawasaki, which should lend credence to the idea that they are looking for these personalised newspapers to become more fully fledged curated social newspapers.

One issue in social news that is not yet addressing, however, is that the digital social circles people create online tend to be retrospective with each user surrounding themselves with others supporting similar views – the way people choose their friends in the real world. News, however, should challenge these belief systems and create debate, something that online curation platform The Descrier is aiming to address.

[via TechCrunch]

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