App of the Week: exfm

exfmExfm has long been a great browser extension (the ex in exfm) to keep track of the music that you listen to online via social media, music blogs, and the umpteen other places music can be found online. With exfm, when you’re on a page with containing and stream or download exfm adds it to your library and you can note them for easier access later with a single click – no downloading, no syncing, as simple as you like. Once the music is in that library you can find it again and stream it with ease in the future, along with the ability to queue up a selection of songs as a pseudo-playlist, share the song via the usual suspects of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email, or buy the track as an MP3, and it can also scrobble your plays to last.fm.

There is also a social aspect to exfm, as you can follow people and see the songs they note and share – great if you can find someone with a similar taste to you or even if you want to follow some of the great music bloggers around to get introduced to some new music – for example here are the profiles of Pasta Primavera, The Music Ninja, I Guess I’m Floating, Knox Road, and The Blue Walrus.

The iOS app takes all of these great functions from the browser extension and ex.fm website and rolls it into a beautifully designed app. Finding, noting, sharing and buying songs through iTunes are all just a single tap or swipe away. It will even play back all the music music currently stored locally on your iPod, although they haven’t yet managed to be able to let users make playlists of both local and exfm noted music which I’ve heard is coming in a future version. Exfm lets you organise your web-based music discovery and now access that music from your iPhone.

Available on: iPhone

Developer: exfm

Cost: Free

Download: iTunes App Store

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