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Virgin Media Partners With Spotify for Virgin Music

Virgin MusicSpotify seem to be getting partnerships from all corners as they gear up for their US launch, with the latest seemingly coming from Virgin Media which announced its intention to enter the digital music marketplace two years ago.

Virgin had an agreement with Universal to offer “an unlimited music download subscription service” backing in 2009, but agreements with other labels failed to materialize. Now with the help of Spotify, Virgin Media appears to have a deal “all but signed” with the four major record labels (Universal, EMI, Sony, and Warner) and plan to roll out a trial service over the summer with a full launch before Christmas.

Virgin Media competitor Sky shuttered its digital music offering last December following meagre market penetration against the likes of iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify with its premium-only streaming model. However, Virgin Media are considering adding the service to their bundles that currently include mobile, internet, television, and phone – adding an extra few pounds to a customer’s monthly bill for unlimited free streaming may tempt people away from competitors and the constant availability of pirated content.

No name has been announced for this new initiative, but Virgin Music seems rather fitting…

[via The Guardian]

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