Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace Now Has More Than 25,000 Apps

Windows Phone 7 AppsWindows Phone 7 was only launched eight months ago, but it has already reached the 25,000 app milestone according to the app tracker WindowsPhoneApplist. That is still a long way behind Android‘s 200,000 apps or iOS‘s 500,000 apps, but lets be honest – how many fart apps do you really need?

Of that 25,000 over half of the apps are free, with games and books making up the largest segments. The recent surge in development for the platform may well be down to Microsoft actively wooing developers since April, and with the recent announcement that the OS is going on all future Nokia smartphones means that the userbase may soon be exploding as well. Indeed, according to Chang Chi, the deputy head of Taiwan-based Market Intelligence Center, Windows Phone will have a 17% grip on the smartphone market next year with the OS growing to become the number two behind Android by 2015.

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