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European Data Roaming Charges To Fall

Mobile Phone RoamingFollowing the recent price reductions across the EU for voice and text roaming charges, the EU is now going further by reducing the data roaming charges as well with Neelie Kroes, EU Digital Agenda Commissioner, expected to announce the proposals in Brussels later today.

Data roaming is currently capped at a daily maximum of €50, but these proposals would limit the price per megabyte at €0.90 in July 2012, €0.70 by 2013, and €0.50 by 2014 – with the regulations in place until at least June 2016. These rules should enable wider use of smartphones and tablet computers by travellers across the EU, with both products relying heavily of data for many of their apps and connectivity such as via Email, Facebook, and Twitter and users often currently hit with a huge bill on their return from abroad.

[via TechEye]

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