Amazon Tablet

Amazon To Release Android Tablet By October

Amazon TabletRumours have been flying about Amazon‘s entry into the tablet space, with many believing their product to be the first real competitor to Apple‘s iPad as Amazon already has the music, video and book content stores available for easy integration, with the WSJ writing that it will be released in October according to sources close to the subject.

Amazon has long dominated the e-reader market with its Kindle product range, but the Nook from Barnes & Noble recently took that title with its cheap price and colour screen – making it a budget Android tablet. To counter both this and to get convince users that the Amazon Store should be the place for digital downloads over Apple’s iTunes – Amazon will be launching a well specced Android tablet within a few months according to comments by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The Christmas 2011 market looks to be the first time Apple will have stiff competition from competitors in the tablet space with competitive Android tablets coming from Sony, Samsung and Motorola, whilst HP has delivered its first WebOS powered tablet in the TouchPad.

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