Facebook Oslo Bombing Video Scam s

Scammers Taking Advantage Of Oslo Bombing News Story

Facebook Oslo Bombing Video ScamIt is difficult to describe the scammers currently trying to trick people to watch a fake video of today’s terrible Oslo bombing as anything other than evil, but they are still deceiving and infecting about one user per second at the moment.

The scam that spreads itself through a Facebook worm purports to show a video of the Oslo blast from a security camera and is entitled “[Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast!”, but make sure not to click it and instead report it to Facebook and delete it from your feed. Those that have clicked through may be asked to re-login to a cloned Facebook-looking page enabling the scammer to steal your login information, and asks the user to fill out a survey, IQ test, and enter their phone number to receive $2 trivia questions twice a week before they can get to the fake video player.

[via Sophos]


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