Metropolitan Police

Met Police Warn Hacktivists Supporting Anonymous And LulzSec On Twitter

Metropolitan PoliceThe Metropolitan Police have turned to Twitter to make it clear to the hacktivist supporters of groups such as the now infamous LulzSec and Anonymous that hacking websites is against the law and those caught may face a stretch in prison.

Making use of Tweetdeck’s longer message format, the Met referenced the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and noted the 2-year maximum sentence for unauthorised access of computer material, and the 10-year possible sentence for unauthorised access and “impairing the operation of any computer” via something like a DDOS attack. They also made it clear that it is an offence to hack another computer from within the UK, or for those outside the UK to hack a UK computer.

The international aspect of these hacktivist activities was not lost on the Met either, as they closed the extended tweet by noting that other countries have similar laws in place. A word of warning, then, from the Police in a place where it will be seen by those currently breaking the law – even if it will likely have little effect.

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