Facebook Discovers Original Ceglia Contract

Facebook - moneyWhen someone chirps up after a company becomes a multi-billion dollar Goliath and claims to own half the company then it is big news – as was the case with Paul Ceglia, and he claimed to have a contract laying out his part-ownership. However, now Facebook claims to have discovered the real contract between Mark Zuckerberg and Ceglia when forensically examining his computer.

Facebook claim that Ceglia attempted to delete the real contract and hide its existence by claiming attorney-client privilege. However on Thursday a New York federal magistrate judge rejected that claim, allowing Facebook to make the document public (see embedded document below). It appears there may be a reason that Ceglia just recently got dumped by his law firm…

Zuckerberg-Ceglia Contract (StreetFax)

[via Wired]

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