Ofcom Fines TalkTalk For Billing Errors (Again)

TalkTalkUK mobile operators TalkTalk (and its subsidiary Tiscali UK) have been fined £3 million by the mobile regulator Ofcom for incorrectly billing thousands of customers (again). The fine comes just a year after Ofcom forced the ISPs to pay £2.5 million back to customers following an investigation after 1,000 complaints from customers.

The firms billed incorrectly billed more than 62,000 customers in the first 11 months of 2010, and after receiving a one month deadline to fix the problem, the company continued to send inaccurate bills to 3,000 customers between December and march this year. The £3 million fine today is on top of the previous £2.5 million refunds and goodwill offerings.

TalkTalk blamed the errors on the problems with integrating Tiscali UK into their business after the acquisition, but claims that the issue is now solved with the company only receiving 12 complaints in the last three months about billing errors – quite an impressive feat with over 4 million subscribers.

[via PC Pro]

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