Toshiba’s Ultra-thin Tablet To Be Called Excite?

Toshiba ExciteThe UK press seem to be excited about reporting on the Toshiba AT100 (or “Thrive” in the US) tablet that will be available on UK shores starting tomorrow (01/09), but that tablet has had a rather lacklustre welcome from US consumers and will likely face the same here. Why? Well it’s a chunky beast, and in all probability will be competing with the iPad on price.

Here at techFruit we are much more excited about the few leaks we’re finding about the next Toshiba tablet. It is supposed to be ultra-thin, but packing the same media powerhouse functions of the Thrive – and today we seem to have found a name for the device Excite. The sleuths over at Android Police have unearthed the Toshiba Excite trademark filing (see below), and just as with the Thrive, Toshiba has registered a whole host of relevant domains such as,,,, and – all of which currently redirect to a Toshiba site. Sounds like they’re on the money.

Toshiba Excite Tablet

Toshiba Excite Tablet

[via Android Police]

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