Amazon Appstore For Android Opens In UK, EU, And Elsewhere

Amazon Android Appstore

Amazon’s Android Appstore has been a US-only venture since it opened in March, but the rest of the world seems to now be able to get in on the action.

Amazon has yet to make an official announcement about the worldwide launch of the Appstore, but we can confirm that we can now access it from the UK, and we’ve seen reports from users in the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and India amongst other locations.

A worldwide release has always been coming, and the upcoming launch of Amazon’s own tablet with deep Appstore integration may have pushed things along. Whether you have an Android tablet or smartphone though, the Appstore is worth checking out regularly as they offer free daily app downloads on some very popular paid apps including Angry Birds Rio.

Let us know if you can see your local Appstore it in the comments.

[via The Digital Reader]

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