SanDisk Launches First 64GB MicroSD Card

SanDisk 64GB microSD CardSanDisk has announced a major revamp of their microSD card line-up, with the launch of a new 64GB card going by the snappy name SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDXC. KingMax may have beaten them to the announcement, but SanDisk will be the first to market offering this capacity in a microSD card – but it will set you back £140 ($220).

These new cards make use of the SDXC format that has a theoretical limit of 2TB, rather than the current standard SDHC format, and so most current electronics may not be able to make use of the extra storage. That said, most SDXC cards are compatible with the older and more established SDHC, but you won;t be using them to their full advantage.

However you look at it, fitting 64GB onto something the size of a finger nail (15x11x1.0mm to be precise) is a pretty impressive feat in itself.

Lexar already produces a 128GB SD card, the microSD’s big brother.

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