Twitter Sees 250 Million Tweets per Day With iOS5 Integration Tripling Sign-ups

TwitterThe integration of Twitter into iOS 5Apple‘s latest mobile operating system – has tripled the daily sign-ups to the 140 character social network, with the service now seeing nearly 1/4 billion tweets per day.

The impressive statistics we shared by Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, during the ongoing Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, with him also noting that around 50% of Twitter’s users are active – a 20% increase in the last 9 months. This rapid rise in content creation and sharing does present new challenges to the company, however, with sorting the signal from the noise more important and more difficult than ever – only a small proportion are relevant to an onlooker.

Twitter doesn’t look to be slowing down, though, with Costello saying:

We think that we can be on 2 billion devices around the world, and reach every person on the planet, and the way to do that is through simplifying

How much more simple the service can get is an interesting proposition, with Twitter a relatively base-level social tool unlike the ever sprawling Facebook that has tried to integrate everything.

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