Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone Now With Over 40,00 Apps

Windows Phone 7 Apps

Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 7 has still yet to make much of a dent into the mobile OS space, but all signals are for that to change with the release of Nokia’s new Lumia smartphones – and user’s now have upwards of 40,000 apps to get on with.

Apps seem to be being added to the Windows Phone Marketplace at nearly 5,000 per month at the moment as well, with developers starting to believe in the value of adding support for the OS on top of their iOS and Android options. 40,000 may pale in comparison to the 500,000 apps offered on iOS and 300,000 offered on Android, you can rest assured that most people’s app requirements will be covered. Here’s a diagram of the various categories of Windows Phone apps from our friends at All About Windows Phone:


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