New Samsung Galaxy SII Ad Takes Aim At Apple “Sheep”

Samsung Galaxy SII Ad vs iPhone Sheep

Whether your phone runs iOS, Android, or WP7 – there is little denying that the Samsung Galaxy SII has been one of the most advanced smartphones on the market for the last few months. But Apple has managed to develop a God-like halo over the past few years during a period when it was leagues ahead of the competition – to make many people believe that the latest iPhone will be the best device available without even trying the alternatives. It is an impressive feat for Apple to retain its “cool” factor when it is the most widely used smartphone in existence, but there is no doubting Apple has lost its ability to be the scrappy underdog.

Samsung has decided to take a play for that alternative/under-the-radar and underdog position with its latest ad for the Galaxy SII in the US. Without naming the iPhone by name, they cleverly make fun of those who believe owning one product over another makes them any more “creative” and all the various complaints about the iPhone 4S – same design, poor battery, etc – making it look as if the Galaxy SII is the phone for people who actually “think different”.

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