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Apple Tells Samsung How To Avoid Copying

Apple vs Samsung LitigationI’ve complained about the utter ridiculousness of Apple‘s claims that Samsung were breaking the law by making their devices look similar in the past – but it seems Apple was very serious indeed. In its legal brief for its lawsuit against Samsung in the US – Apple gave Samsung some very helpful tips on how to avoid copying “their” style in the future.

In s.40-41 of their brief (on p8 for those looking), Apple lists the following options for smartphones:

  • Front surfaces that are not black or clear
  • Front surfaces that are not rectangular, not flat, and without rounded corners
  • Display screens that are more square than rectangular or not rectangular at all
  • Display screens that are not centered on the front surface of the phone and that have substantial lateral borders
  • Speaker openings that are not horizontal slots with rounded ends and that are not centered above the display screen
  • Front surfaces that contain substantial adornment
  • Phones without bezels at all or very different-looking bezels that are not thin, uniform, and with an inwardly sloping profile

…and the following options for tablets:

  • Overall shapes that are not rectangular with four flat sides or that do not have four rounded corners
  • Front surfaces that are not completely flat or clear and that have substantial adornment
  • Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface
  • Profiles that are not thin
  • A cluttered appearance

Very helpful there Apple. So if Samsung wants to avoid copying you for smart devices (which I repeat for the umpteenth time that you did *not* invent) then they should basically aim to make them look like footballs – all fat and spherical – and probably best without a screen. Maybe an actual football – clever.

Apple vs Samsung US Declaration

[via PC World]

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