Flipboard on the iPhone

Flipboard Comes To The iPhone

Flipboard on the iPhoneFlipboard is often raved about by its iPad-owning userbase as it packages and beautifies content from various sources – making it a pleasure to read on Apple‘s larger screened iDevice. Now, however, those of us without an iPad can start to make use of the service as the company has just released a completely reworked Flipboard app for the much smaller screened iPhone.

Their content selections are solid if relatively uninspiring as is common for algorithmically chosen articles, but the presentation is a delight to use. It is a fantastic way to quickly grab the latest news or topics – with an interface created for quick glances – for the times when you have about five minutes to kill and want to be kept up-to-date with the world. The iPhone version also has some other improvements with cover stories showing the latest tweets, photos and more from your friends – something Flipboard gets from Twitter and Facebook integration.

Flipboard, cleverly, have created an iPhone app that should not cannibalize the usage of their iPad app – as whilst the content may be the same – the actual usage on the ground will likely be quite different. Users tend to use the iPad app at the start and the end of the day when the user can spend a little while flicking through the articles and catching up on their personalised news, but this iPhone app looks like it is for use during the day when you are just looking for a very brief update.

Download Flipboard at iTunes UK | iTunes US

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