O2 Customers Are The Happiest According To OFCOM

O2The latest figures from OFCOM are in, and it appears that O2 are once again providing a better customer service than their competitors – with Three and Talk Talk needing to shape up.

In the landline category – BSkyB, BT, and Virgin Media were all rated similarly at 0.19-0.29 complaints per thousand customers, whilst Talk Talk had 0.77 complaints per thousand.

For fixed broadband Virgin Media and BSkyB led the group with just 0.19 complaints per thousand, with Orange and BT getting 0.44 and 0.5 respectably. Although Talk Talk has made great improvements over six months ago, but again it is worst of the pack, receiving 0.55 complaints per thousand.

People in general were much happier with their mobile service than their broadband or landline, but Three picked up the most complaints with 0.14 per thousand. Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Media, and Vodafone all got 0.06 to 0.07, but O2 were the clear leader with just 0.02. Yes really O2 got .02 complaints per thousand. Congrats to their marketing team for that!

The stats in general show most people relatively content with their mobile phone service, but landline and broadband lagging behind. This could be something to do with people knowing what they’re getting with a mobile contract – but “Up to” speeds on broadband only cause annoyance as no-one ever gets them. Landline dissatisfaction probably comes from the fact that people can compare the poor value services you get from a landline (which you need for broadband) by comparison to mobile services – here’s looking at you BT.

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