EMI Sues Irish Government Over Lack Of Anti-Piracy Measures

piracyIn what is likely to be a first for a media company, major music label EMI have begun legal proceedings against the Irish state over their claimed lack of action of music piracy.

Last month, and prompted by previous EMI complaints, the Irish government promised to address large scale music piracy online by introducing new laws which would compel ISPs to block access to sites offering unauthorised music – prvisions similar to those proposed as the controversial SOPA in the US. However, EMI appears to be unhappy with the foot-dragging by the Irish government and their refusal to show the draft legislation to lawyers from the company – and so are taking them to court.

Lobbying for laws is one thing, but for a commercial organisation to take a government to court for their lack of submitting to their demands appears rather ridiculous. My knowledge of the Irish parliamentary and legal system is patchy, but I would imagine that unless the Irish government signed a contract stating they would enact this legislation, EMI will find it tough to argue their case and will find no-end of enemies on the way.

[via Irish Times]

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