Wikipedia Turns Eleven Today

WikipediaWikipedia, the popular open and free knowledge repository, celebrates it’s eleventh year online today – and what a life it has had so far. What started as a small, freely edited encyclopedia that was mocked throughout the media for providing some less and accurate definitions and descriptions has grown to nearly 21 million articles in written in 282 languages – all available for free with no advertising.

Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website on the internet with around 12,000 articles added each day by its huge community of volunteers, with 11 million edits made each month to keep the information up-to-date. Wikipedia draws on the premise that most people are experts in something, and by making editing easy – they have built all of our niche knowledge into a single, searchable resource – showing the value of crowd-sourcing.

If you have ever been searching for information on a topic, then Wikipedia is generally the first port of call, with the references often a fantastic way to expand upon the topics covered on the site. It is a resource almost as integral to how we use the web as the http protocol – how did we ever do without it?

Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

[via Wikimedia Blog]

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