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Google Play

Google is making a play for being the home of your digital content, by rebranding its Android Market, music, book, and video stores all under the umbrella of Google Play. Taking Android out of the name makes it look as if Google is pushing to be platform agnostic, and clearly taking aim at the market-share and influence taken by Amazon when they introduced an Android store and Android-forked OS to integrate with their already ingrained digital music, video, and book offerings.

The change over to the new name should be seamless for users, but Google is hoping that by truly integrating all of its digital content offerings under the single Play brand (Play Apps, Play Music, Play Movies, Play Books), that users of one content type may branch into others. As the search giant pushes Google TV and other connected devices, the Play brand looks like it will be appearing everywhere consumers read, listen, or watch content. If Google goes truly platform agnostic and makes the Play content available on iOS, WP7, and BBX as well, then it will not be just Amazon that should be concerned, but also Apple which has had a good run locking users into its deep iTunes integration over the past decade.

The introductory video below demonstrates how Google sees Play as a platform of integration and automatic behind-the-scenes syncing, where you can start watching a video on one device and quickly send it to your connected TV, where music can be sent from your smartphone to your stereo, and where an article can be sent from your laptop to your tablet. They are looking for platform agnostic seamless device integration, which if it works will be a delight.

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