Sky Moving Into Internet TV On-Demand Without Subscription

SkyOne of the biggest gripes you hear from SKY TV customers is that in order to be able to watch some of the sport you like (eg. England rugby), then you need to subscribe to a monthly package from the company that is filled mostly with stuff you’ll never want to watch. Pirated premium sports channels have sprung up online to cater to those not wanting to be held down by a monthly subscription normally north of £40, but SKY is now going to offer a pay as you go (PAYG) service for sports fans.

Announcing at the Guardian Changing Media Summit, BskyB’s CEO Jeremy Darroch announced the company would be spinning off a seperate brand to offer these PAYG services which he describes as an “over-the-top TV service” which will start with movies but then quickly branch into sport and then entertainment later this year for this service with no installation charge.

No details on pricing or even the future brand name yet, but it will be available across connected devices from smartphones, to tablets, games consoles, PCs, and connected TVs. It appears Sky is listening to its customers, but it must be a concern for them how many people will drop their monthly Sky subscriptions that make up the company’s bottom line, and replace them with a few sports matches and the odd film per month.

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