Will Apple’s LTE iPhone 5 Have A Bigger 4.6″ Screen?

The news of the latest iPad may have only just died down, but gossip about the iPhone 5 is coming quick and fast. This time, Reuters are claiming that the next iPhone (most likely the iPhone 5) may be sporting a pretty massive 4.6″ display citing suppliers as their source – so probably LG, Sharp, or Samsung. A screen of that size would put it up there with the biggest of them and would make the whole phone pretty difficult to handle for all but those with the biggest paws.

What is far more likely is Apple bumping the size to something like 4″, which would be a nice increase on the iPhone’s current 3.5″ display, but could in theory be fitted into a body of about the same size with a good bit of fiddling and effectively no bezel. To be honest, it is about time a manufacturer dropped the bezel completely from their phones. Yes an area around the edge would need to avoid being touch sensitive to avoid accidental touches, but that doesn;t mean that part of the screen cannot display content. The size of the iPhone fits neatly in the hand, with the old iPhone 3GS still the most comfortable smartphone to hold in my opinion with its size and curved back – lets just make it thinner, lighter, and bezel-free shall we, Apple?

A rumour that has more weight to it about the iPhone 5 is the addition of 4G LTE connectivity which will bring the next iPhone up to its Android competitors in terms of connection speed – something it is currently lagging behind quite considerably.

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