Samsung Is Ploughing $682 Million Into R&D

Samsung Exynos Processor2011 may have been a bumper year for Samsung with its smartphones and tablets leading the Android pack, but the South Korean giant is not resting on its laurels. They are investing $682 million into 4,539 of its business partnership enterprises with its 11 affiliates this year to help them boost their competitive edge with most of that money being poured into research and development.

The company has also said it is actively trying to improve efficiencies throughout the business which includes tackling corruption and bribery – something much needed after the company’s recent record $355,000 fine by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission for their interfering in an investigation over mobile phone price fixing along with LG, Pantech and others.

Whatever the reasoning behind the huge investment, the results will likely be beneficial to progress in the high-tech arena in which Samsung excels and provides the parts for a large proportion of modern smartphones and tablets produced by other companies (as well as their own very popular products). Samsung, for example – provides the displays, CPU/GPU SoCs, and NAND memory for Apple’s new iPad 3. Samsung is a true technology manufacturing company – so whatever they might invent or improve upon with the help of this investment – you can be sure it will be coming to smartphone near you very soon.

[via TechEye]

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